Click and Collect Prestashop Module

Add a Click and Collect management system to your Prestashop E-store to manage your different stores and allow your customers to select time slots.

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Prestashop 1.6 and 1.7

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Customer benefits

The "Click and Collect" module will allow your customers to select time slots among your stores that host the Click and Collect.

Your customers will be able to consult their orders on the website to retrieve their withdrawal information for their orders.

Merchant benefits

A automatically generated calendar
The configuration of your stores allows you to automatically generate a calendar of time slots that can be selected by your customers. You will be able to configure the opening and closing hours of your stores, as well as other parameters such as the person quota per slot or the preparation time of orders.

Order tracking
Thanks to the "Click and Collect" module, you will be able to access your customers' withdrawal information in the details of the orders.

Holydays and closing days
Thanks to the "Click and Collect" module, you will be able to define holiday periods for which the store will not be available. You will also be able to define closing days in the week which will be unavailable at Click and Collect.

Multi-store mode and multilingual support
The "Click and Collect" is compatible with Prestashop's multi-store system. You can therefore manage the configuration of your stores individually.


  • Addition of a free carrier "Click and Collect"
  • Configuration of the display period of the withdrawal schedule
  • Configuring the opening hours of a store
  • Configuring the preparation time of an order
  • Configuring the time slot range
  • Configuration of the maximum quota of people per slots
  • Vacation period configuration.
  • Enable/Disable multi-store feature

The "Click and Collect" module for Prestashop uses Responsive Design. It will therefore fit on smartphones and tablets.

The "Click and Collect" module for Prestashop complies with W3C standards.

The "Click and Collect" module for Prestashop has been tested on the following browsers:

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE 8 to 11 and Opera

The "Click and Collect" module for Prestashop is provided with complete documentation in English and French.


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Click and Collect Prestashop Module

Click and Collect Prestashop Module

Add a Click and Collect management system to your Prestashop E-store to manage your different stores and allow your customers to select time slots.

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  • Can we test your modules before buying them?

    In order to see our modules corresponding to your needs, we have made available a test platform for all of our Prestashop addons whose address is:

    You can test our modules by selecting the one that interests you in the drop-down list at the top of the site. In order to test our Prestashop addons completely, you will find a demo access to our back office, in the banner at the top right. Do not hesitate to modify their configuration according to your needs.

  • How to be sure of your modules quality?

    All our modules are first developed and tested in our development environment with the "Debug" mode of Prestashop activated. We use the latest stable versions of Prestashop throughout the development phase.

    After the functional and technical development of our Prestashop modules, we proceed to a first validation phase on the official Prestashop validator (

    Then comes the testing phase (acceptance). In order to guarantee maximum compatibility between the different versions of Prestashop, we test on the old stable versions (between 10 and 15 different versions approximately depending on the case). We then make adjustments to the source code to ensure backwards compatibility.

    We then again submit the module under development to the Prestashop validator.

    The 2nd test phase takes place in a pre-production environment, close to the real conditions of the shops hosted in production. We also take the opportunity to add the initial and test data to the module.

    Our team then begins writing the documentation that will be included in the module and launches the 3rd and final phase of testing. We submit the module one last time to the Prestashop validator so that there are no more errors.

    Finally, the developed module is then submitted to the Prestashop team on the site. The module is tested by their team. In case of return, we of course correct the bugs so that the module is fully operational. The module is then put online and ready to be distributed.

    This whole process is important not only to guarantee the quality of our Prestashop modules but also to avoid unnecessary and time-consuming support. So everyone is a winner.

    Despite this, each Prestashop store is unique, and many unpredictable parameters can come into play (hosting, version of php, specific developments ...). Also, it is almost impossible to anticipate all technical cases. This is why we provide support for our Prestashop modules, in order to guarantee you optimal functioning!

  • How to install a Prestashop module?

    Prestashop add-ons can be installed in the same way that any Prestashop add-on. Either by uploading directory of the add-on, via the FTP protocol, in the "module" directory of your installation. Or by using the "Modules" tab of the back office of your shop. For more information, see the documentation provided in each of our Prestashop module (readme_en.pdf file).

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