Marketing Popup Prestashop module

Prestashop 1.7 ready! Boost your marketing operations and increase your conversion rate thanks to the Marketing Popup Prestashop module!

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Prestashop 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7

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The "Marketing Popup" Prestashop module allows you to keep visitors in touch of any business operation. They will benefit from promotions, sales, flash sales or any other event that you have to put forward.

Merchant Benefits

Improve your convertion rate
Thanks to the Marketing Popup Prestashop module, highlight a product, promotion, or sales of any business has never been easier. The Marketing Popup Prestashop module is a good way to boost your shop and increase your conversion rate and your average basket.

Develop your community
By automatically adding links to your social networks and by adding your newsletter registration form, you will be able to develop your own social ecosystem.

Multi-shop mode supported
The "Marketing popup" add-on is compatible with the multi-shop Prestashop mode. So, you can create and configure a different popup by shop. This allows to enable or disable the module according to the shop or to offer various business operations according to the shop.


  • Fully customizable content with WYSIWYG (texts, images, videos, html...)
  • Activation or not of the lightbox
  • Ability to set a display restriction on a currency
  • Ability to set a display restriction on a country
  • Ability to set a display restriction on a customer group
  • Display programming (start date and end date)
  • Auto size feature
  • Setting the width of the lightbox
  • Setting the height of the lightbox
  • Setting of the internal margin (padding) of the lightbox
  • Setting of the external margin (padding) of the lightbox
  • Display or not the close button of the lightbox
  • Setting the background color of the lightbox
  • Setting of the delay before the lightbox appears
  • Setting of the time before the next opening of the lightbox (cookie expiration)
  • Ability to add icons social networks
  • Ability to add a registration form to the newsletter
  • Ability to define pages where the popup will not be displayed (pages exceptions)
  • "Multi-shop" mode supported


The Marketing Popup Prestashop module uses the Responsive Design technology. So, it fit on smartphones and tablets.

The Marketing Popup Prestashop module is W3C compliant.

The Marketing Popup Prestashop module has been tested on the following browsers:
- IE 9 to 11, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opéra

The Marketing Popup Prestashop module is supplied with a full documentation.



Super module !

Réactivité et efficacité du développeur
A recommander sans hésitation.


    Super module.

    Installation facile. Utilisation hyper intuitive. en 5 minutes, ça marchait.

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      Marketing Popup Prestashop module

      Marketing Popup Prestashop module

      Prestashop 1.7 ready! Boost your marketing operations and increase your conversion rate thanks to the Marketing Popup Prestashop module!

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